Tuesday, 14 July 2020 13:30

3 Essential Characteristics Of Top Memory Care Facilities

If a loved one is suffering from dementia, you’ll eventually need to start searching for the best memory care option for them. There are plenty of different memory care facilities out there, but the quality of care can vary greatly. Some communities will offer top-of-the-line care while others may tend to fall short. If you want the best for your loved one, then you’ll need to buckle down and do your research. We’re here to help give you a headstart on your review process.

There are a handful of key characteristics and qualities that only the best memory care residences share. As you review your options, make sure you’re double checking the following criteria.

Advanced Planning For Dementia Behaviors

Each case of dementia is unique and those suffering from dementia can exhibit a number of unique behaviors. While these behaviors may not always be present, they can reoccur and consistently cause some issues. Some of the most common dementia behaviors include:

  • Wandering
  • Incontinence
  • Agitation
  • Repetitive speech or actions
  • Paranoia
  • Sleeplessness/Sundowning

With the right planning in place, memory care facilities can help manage the symptoms of these behaviors. For instance, if a resident experiences sundowning regularly, the memory care specialists will avoid opportunities for overstimulation. Those specialists may encourage quieter activities in the afternoons to help residents feel calmer in the evenings.

A resident may also be easily irritated throughout a given day. To help that resident control their agitation, caregivers may take a more hands-off approach to support their independence. They may also consider using soothing music and gentle communication methods as well. That kind of advanced planning will help residents gain a better grip on the symptoms of their dementia behaviors.

Unique Design Elements

People with dementia are often easily overwhelmed due to the symptoms of their condition. To prevent residents from experiencing that feeling, the top memory care homes will have special design features in place. Even the smallest design tweaks can make all the difference for those with dementia.

For example, all of our memory care homes at The Creeks rely on circular floor plans. These layouts help residents navigate our hallways, so that they’re never too confused or too far from their private suite. We also monitor our entrances on a 24/7 basis to keep track of where our residents are at all times. Those secure entrances help us manage the wandering behaviors that are often present in our residents.

Our secure communities also leverage unique wall textures, colors, and flooring choices too. These design choices have been specifically tailored to residents with dementia, as they process visual and spatial information in a different way. Small design choices like these can make residents feel more safe, comfortable, and above all, happy.

An Emphasis On Community

When people discuss dementia, they can often gloss over the feelings and emotions of those afflicted by the condition. Loneliness and boredom are some of the most frequent concerns among those with dementia. In fact, one report from the UK Alzheimer’s Society found that 61% of people with dementia felt lonely and 77% were depressed or anxious.

The best way to combat these feelings is through group activities and regular daily interactions. The top memory care homes will take steps to engage residents with communal games and events.

At The Creeks, for instance, we host daily games in our living room areas that are easy to learn and fun to play. We will even take our residents out on field trips to visit local attractions, see regional events, and go shopping! We take it one step further by coordinating intergenerational programs and internships with local schools. And at the end of each day, our residents enjoy communal home-cooked meals together in our dining rooms.

All of these kinds of group activities have significant positive impacts on the mental well-being of our residents. They’ll feel more engaged, connected, and appreciated within their memory care community.

See Our Impressive Memory Care Facilities First-Hand

When a loved one is suffering with dementia, you want to provide them with the most exceptional care. That is exactly what you get at The Creeks. Our certified nurses understand the best practices for managing a wide array of dementia behaviors. Additionally, our residences feature a number of innovative amenities to keep our residents safe and happy. Between their private suite and our friendly caregivers, we know your loved one will feel right at home.

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