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5 Questions To Ask At Dementia Care Homes In Troy, IL

If your loved one is ready to live in a dementia care community, you'll need to find the right one for their needs. The best way to compare memory care facilities is through in-person tours, which present great opportunities to ask key questions. Today we'll dive into the top 5 questions you need to ask when touring dementia care homes in Troy, IL.

Why It's Important To Tour Memory Care Facilities

Online resources can help clarify important factors, like whether the individual rooms are private or if they specialize in a specific form of dementia. Still, there is a limit to what you can learn from secondary research.

To properly evaluate a given facility, you need to know what it is actually like. In-person tours provide a realistic glimpse into how a facility operates, how the employees interact with residents, and how your loved one may fit into the community.

What To Ask When Touring Dementia Care Homes In Troy, IL

When you tour care homes for dementia, try to treat them like job interviews. When you ask these key questions, alongside any other pressing ones you may have, you'll uncover the right option for your loved one.

1. What Types Of Training Does Your Staff Have?

Quality memory care services can only be offered by properly trained and licensed caregiving professionals. That means all staff members at a given memory care community should have the right educational backgrounds.

Those caregiving professionals should additionally participate in ongoing, internal training sessions and continuing education opportunities. These educational opportunities may include courses offered by national organizations like the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

2. What Medical Services Are Provided By The Community?

Your loved one likely needs plenty of medical attention to slow the decline of their physical health. For that reason, you should inquire about the medical services that a memory care community offers on-site.

For example, the Aspen Creek of Troy is staffed by a great team of RN's, LPN's and Certified Care Partners. As such, we can provide medication management services, individual health/wellness assessments, and care for specific medical conditions, such as diabetic care or catheter care. We additionally have a therapy room on-site for Medicare Part B therapy and we provide transportation to and from medical appointments.

3. How Would You Describe Your Philosophy To Dementia Care?

Similar to in-home care practitioners, many memory care communities vary in their philosophical approaches to care. It's important to find a community that shares your core values regarding the care of your loved one.

Will they go above and beyond for your loved one's needs? How do the caregivers handle bouts of aggression or depression? When you have a better idea of their memory care philosophy, you'll know whether they have your loved one's best interests in mind at all times.

4. Can You Tell Me About Your Medical Care Policies?

You can't predict the future. Medical emergencies can pop up out of nowhere, and a trip to the ER can be very distressing for your family and your loved one (Healthline). That's why it's helpful to have a clear understanding of a facility's medical care policies and procedures.

It may help to ask questions like:

  • What is your policy for an emergency room visit?
  • Do staff members go with the residents on the ER visits?
  • How will you notify and update family members of medical care services?
  • What happens if my loved one is no longer ambulatory?

5. How Does Your Facility Communicate With Families?

Sometimes you'll be too busy to visit your loved one as frequently as you'd like. And that's okay. Your loved one will be well cared for in their new home and they'll be among their new friends every day.

But, you deserve to know about your loved one's health, well-being, and activities. For that reason, you need to ask about the communication processes and policies at each facility.

Does the community send newsletters to the residents' families with monthly updates and highlights? How frequently will the caregivers communicate changes about your loved one's wellness plan to you? Will I be able to call or video chat with my loved one each day?

Transparency is key when it comes to dementia care services, so make sure their communication methods work for you.

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