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4 Tips for Finding Quality Assisted Living in Cheyenne, WY

When taking care of your aging loved one becomes overwhelming for you, it's likely time to find an assisted living facility for them. However, finding the right senior housing solution can be a difficult and confusing process. How can you find the right option for quality assisted living in Cheyenne, WY for your needs?

As a leading local provider of senior housing and assisted living services, we wanted to offer some key insights to support your search. Keep our tips in mind as you review nearby options and start to tour facilities.

Key Advice When Researching Assisted Living in Cheyenne, WY

1. Consider Care Needs and Facility Capabilities

Aging seniors can develop unique care needs over time. For instance, some seniors may start to develop memory-related difficulties due to dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. When that happens, your loved one will need more than just assisted living services. Seniors with memory issues often require personalized memory care and memory support services to navigate their daily lives and enjoy a better quality of life.

As such, it's important to consider the current and future care needs of your aging loved one and what each facility can provide. Assisted living communities may offer minimal memory support services or no memory care options at all. So, if your loved one is suffering from dementia, it's best to find a memory care community that will be better equipped to handle their care needs.

2. Compare Amenities at Each Community

Every assisted living community will offer unique amenities and features to improve the quality of life for its residents. These encompass a wide range of resources which may include:

  • Communal activities (e.g., art therapy, social games, community events, etc.)
  • On-site spa services
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry services
  • Dining experiences
  • Personalized care services
  • And more

Think about what amenities will appeal the most to your aging loved one and what they may enjoy the most.

3. Evaluate the Quality of Care

Assisted living facilities are not created equally, and the level of quality care offered in each community can vary greatly. Your loved one deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and they should be allowed to continue living each day as they see fit. It's important to find a community where each resident is treated as an individual and as a real person.

Make sure you take the time to carefully and thoroughly evaluate the quality of care at each assisted living facility or memory care community. During your tour of the location, ask staff members essential questions about their care policies, staff qualifications, daily routines/schedules, and more.

On top of that, it's also helpful to speak with some current residents or their families as those references can provide insight into the level of care you can expect. So, remember to ask your tour guide for those references. You can also read through online reviews and testimonials to get a stronger understanding of the standard of care at a given memory care community.

4. Prioritize Comfort and Security

Your aging loved one deserves to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe in their new living situation. As you review local options for assisted living in Cheyenne, WY, make sure you closely inspect the living accommodations and the security features of each facility.

What are the dimensions of the resident suites? What furnishings are available? How do the suites look and feel? Are the bathrooms handicap-accessible? Are larger suites available for couples? What security features are in place in the suites and throughout the community to monitor the safety of residents?

The ideal senior living community for your loved one will take great steps to prioritize the safety and comfort of its residents.

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