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3 Things to Know About Assisted Living in Cheyenne, WY

There comes a time for many seniors when living independently becomes too challenging or overwhelming. At that point, an assisted living community will usually be the best place for them to live. If you're exploring options for assisted living in Cheyenne, WY for your loved one, there are some important things you should know before making your final decision.

The move to an assisted living community is a big deal, and you'll want to ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible. We'll help you navigate the confusing world of senior living accommodations and care solutions.

What to Keep in Mind about Assisted Living in Cheyenne, WY

It should come as no surprise that each assisted living community is different, and you can't rush through the comparative process. There are lots of factors to consider with each facility including amenities, community activities, suite accommodations, offered services, costs, and more. Make sure you visit a handful of communities to accurately compare them in person and get relevant insights on each option for your loved one.

As you review your options, we suggest you keep these insights in mind.

1. Trial Periods Can Be Set Up

When touring potential facilities for your loved one, talk to the staff to see if you can set up a trial stay for your loved one. While these accommodations are not always available, it doesn't hurt to check and see if you can arrange a temporary stay for your loved one (no longer than a day or two). This would give them a chance to see how the facility feels and whether it's a good fit for them or not.

Some communities, like Cottonwood Creek, offer adult daycare programs and respite stays for families. These types of programs can act as a good substitute for the trial period and may be worthwhile exploring as well.

2. Resident Agreements Can Be Confusing

Before your aging loved one can move into an assisted living community, you will both need to sign a "residence agreement," which is a legal document that outlines rights, obligations, and costs for your loved one and the community. These agreements can be complex and will obviously vary from one community to the next. It will include things like:

  • Accommodations and Terms
  • Fees, Core Services, and Meals
  • Residency Qualifications
  • Maintenance and Use
  • Other Legal Items (e.g., Termination, Arbitration, etc.)

You'll want to closely review the details of that document before signing on the dotted line. Be cautious of longer agreements – it's usually better to get a month-to-month commitment rather than a year-long one. Why? Let's say you have a one-year lease, and your loved one needs to leave the community after six months due to an illness. You may be on the hook for paying for the remaining six months.

If you have any specific questions about the agreement, contact the community to clarify things. In some cases, you may be able to make custom arrangements or changes to the agreement for your loved one.

3. Facilities May Offer Specialty Services

If you're looking for a standard senior living community, there are plenty of options to choose from in the Magic City of the Plains. However, only a handful of residences may offer specialty services for Alzheimer's care in Cheyenne. These differentiators are important to keep in mind, especially if your loved one is struggling with memory-related difficulties.

Some facilities have specialized units or sections that are primarily focused on memory care services. Others are entirely devoted to memory care practices and are exclusively reserved for those with memory-based conditions. Depending on your loved one's needs, you'll want to consider the pros and cons of each community carefully.

Start Your Search for Assisted Living in Cheyenne, WY

At the Cottonwood Creek memory care community, you'll find a close-knit, home-like environment that's perfect for seniors grappling with dementia. With a 1:5 staff-to-resident ratio 24/7, your loved one will always be able to get the care they need when they need it. We provide all-inclusive pricing and a swath of amenities to support the everyday needs of our residents. And everything we do is focused on treating each resident as an individual and as a person.

Contact us today to set up your tour at Cottonwood Creek and see our approach to Alzheimer's care in Cheyenne for yourself.