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4 Signs Your Loved One Needs Memory Care in Decatur, IL

Watching a loved one age and struggle with memory loss can be a heartbreaking and challenging experience. As they begin to exhibit worsening signs of cognitive decline, they'll likely need increasing support and specialized care to help them navigate daily life. But it can be tough to know when it's time to start seriously considering professional facilities that specialize in memory care near Decatur, IL.

Let us be your guide through the world of memory care services. We'll outline some of the telltale signs that it's time to transition your loved one into a professional memory care facility and more in this article.

How to Tell If Your Loved One is Ready for Memory Care in Decatur, IL

Whether you're caring for an elderly parent grappling with dementia or an aging significant other affected by Alzheimer's disease, you'll want to pay close attention to their behaviors and patterns. At a certain point, you may notice changes in their routines, responses, and habits which can indicate a cognitive decline.

It's best to ultimately leave the decision about your loved one's need for a memory care home up to their doctor. Their physician can properly analyze all the signs of dementia your loved one is exhibiting, identify the stage of dementia they're in, and make an informed recommendation about the next steps. You'll want to keep your eyes peeled for the following telltale signs.

1. Increased Safety Concerns

Does your loved one live on their own? Or do they live in your home? In either case, make sure you are paying close attention to their health and wellness and to safety hazards throughout the living space. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Has your elderly loved one experienced any injuries lately? Do they remember what caused the injury?
  • Have there been any emergency room visits recently?
  • Do they often go wandering outside the house?
  • Does your loved one leave burners or appliances on after cooking?

Your answers will help you get a sense of direction for your loved one's future.

2. Forgetting Regular Responsibilities

There are things that everyone needs to do every day, week, and month to maintain health, housing, and other essential things in life. When these responsibilities fall by the wayside for your aging loved one, it may be time to seek out professional memory care in Decatur, Illinois. Here are a few examples:

  • Forgetting Bill Payments – One missed payment can happen now and again, but if you're getting multiple confused calls from your loved one about turned-off services, that may be cause for concern.
  • Neglecting Personal Hygiene – Does your loved one have trouble bathing, dressing, and grooming themself? These daily living activities cannot be ignored, and this may be a signal your loved one needs more support.
  • Letting Their Medication Schedule Slip – For most seniors, medications are a part of daily life, and if your loved one consistently forgets to take their pills, that's a troubling sign.

3. Experiencing Difficulties with Social Activities

Social withdrawal is a common risk factor for memory loss conditions like Alzheimer's disease, and it is a prevalent symptom as well. This is because the amygdala is affected by Alzheimer's disease and that region of the brain is called the "social area" as it helps us to engage in interactions with others.

As memory-related issues worsen, many seniors will avoid social interactions and activities with friends, family, and others that they liked before. In addition, cognitive declines can make it harder for people to have conversations with others, even when they're about topics they're passionate about. At a certain point, you may notice that your loved one is experiencing difficulties recognizing people they've known for years.

When you notice any of these troubling social symptoms developing and/or worsening, it could be time to seek out professional Alzheimer's care near Decatur, IL.

4. Their Care Needs Exceed Your Abilities

Are you currently the main caregiver for your aging loved one? If so, you're likely familiar with all the care responsibilities that come with this role, and they can be overwhelming. Balancing work, personal life, and your loved one's care needs can be a difficult juggling act, and you need to recognize when you can't provide sufficient care for both your loved one and yourself.

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