Wednesday, 28 July 2021 11:23

3 Reasons To Search For Alzheimer's Care Near St. Louis, MO

If you live in St. Louis, we don't need to tell you why it’s such a great place to live. Between the scenic Gateway Arch and the exciting Busch Stadium, there's plenty to love about St. Louis. But if your aging loved one is experiencing memory loss due to Alzheimer's disease and is ready to live in a memory care community, it's a good idea to look for Alzheimer's care near St. Louis, MO instead of in the city itself.

Why? Today we'll break down a few of the top reasons to look outside of The Gateway City for dementia care facilities.

1. A Safer Environment For Your Loved One

While there is much to enjoy about St. Louis, it is unfortunately not one of the safest places to live. The city is currently safer than just 1% of other cities in the United States (NeighborhoodScout). And although crime rates can vary by neighborhood, the majority of Saint Louis residents have a 1 in 52 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

To give yourself peace of mind about your loved one's safety, it's best to find a memory care community in a safer nearby town. Take Troy, IL, for instance. This quiet town has a small population of 10,336, which is just a fraction of the population in Saint Louis. This makes Troy safer than 67% of American cities.

2. Potential Cost Savings

It's no secret that memory care programs can have a high price tag. Of course, the cost of memory care is worth every penny. But, the cost of memory care services may be significantly lower when you leave the city.

As it turns out, assisted living expenses may drop by as much as 25% when you find a residence just an hour outside of the city (Paying For Senior Care). That cost difference can make a significant difference in the long run. It's also worth noting that large cost variations exist across various states, so it may be wise to cross state borders for memory care services.

3. Larger Personal Living Spaces

Did you know that senior living communities in cities tend to have smaller personal spaces for residents when compared to rural communities? These size differences exist because city residences are often conversions of existing properties, while non-urban memory care facilities are built specifically for housing the elderly.

For instance, the Aspen Creek of Troy was specifically designed to maximize the living spaces for our residents. Our specialized community for memory care in Troy, IL was built within the last few years, and we made sure all of our private suites were large and spacious.

If you want a larger living area for your loved one, consider a more rural senior living community.

Learn More About Alzheimer's Care Near St. Louis, MO

If your loved one is experiencing a cognitive decline, they deserve to live in a top-tier dementia care community near Saint Louis. And there's no better place to start your search for a residential care facility than the Aspen Creek of Troy.

Our charming community is just 20-30 minutes outside of St. Louis. Our quaint and cozy home-like environment features many impressive amenities and services to effectively support aging seniors with dementia. With a 24/7, 1:5 staff to resident ratio and a personalized care plan, your loved one will be in the best of hands at The Creeks.

Are you ready to book your tour of the Aspen Creek of Troy? Contact us today to see our approach to 24-hour Alzheimer's care near St. Louis, MO.