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What Does Quality Dementia Care In Troy, IL Look Like?

Everyone knows that dementia is an incredibly debilitating disease. An estimated 5.8 million Americans over 65 live with dementia every day, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. And as the disease progresses, it can become harder and harder for you to care for your loved one. At a certain point, you’ll need to find a quality provider of dementia care in Troy, IL to support your loved one’s needs. But finding the right memory care community isn’t always a straightforward process.

What kinds of features should you look for in a memory care residence? Are they equipped to provide the support your loved one needs? How can you ensure that a given community is the right fit for your loved one? And where do you even start your search? As certified memory care professionals, we’re here to provide some clarity for your search.

4 Signs Of A High-Quality Provider Of Dementia Care In Troy

It’s only natural to want the best care for your loved one. As you start to review various options for assisted living in Troy, IL that specialize in memory care services, make sure you look for the following signs.

Person-Centered Care

Across the early-, mid-, and even late-stages of this debilitating disease, those with the condition can experience a wide range of symptoms. Some individuals with dementia will struggle with socialization while others may need additional help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Because each case is so different, it’s critical that those with the condition receive personalized care. And the top providers of memory care will aim to achieve exactly that.

A high-quality memory care community will personalize care for each resident. For instance, at the Aspen Creek of Troy, our caregivers routinely perform on-site health and wellness assessments with each resident. Those assessments help our caregivers develop treatment plans for your loved one’s condition. We additionally provide medication administration and individualized care for medical conditions, like diabetic care or catheter care.

That kind of personalized care can make a significant difference for your loved one’s health, well-being, and overall experience.

Organized Engagements

Over time, dementia can cause people to become withdrawn and isolated. In far too many cases, those individuals with declining memories can develop mental health conditions like depression. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent and reduce those feelings. Engaging activities have been shown to help those with declining memories feel happier, more connected, and enjoy a better quality of life.

The leading providers of memory care services will organize a wealth of activities to support their residents. These may include engagements like:

  • Communal games and creative pastimes
  • Organized field trips to nearby attractions and hotspots
  • Supportive daily therapies to ease resident symptoms

At The Creeks, we take our activities and engagements one step further. We partner up with local schools for inter-generational programs. We will schedule times for our residents to play with and socialize with elementary school students. And we have mentoring and internship programs set-up with local high schools for further social engagements with residents. We’ll even host an occasional puppy day to give our residents a furry friend for the day.

Those kinds of organized daily activities are integral to our daily operations. And those activities are definitely something that your loved one will thoroughly enjoy.

Amenities Designed For Dementia Patients

What separates most facilities for assisted living in Troy, IL and most care homes for dementia are the amenities and features. Yes, there may be some overlap between the amenities of those two types of senior living communities. However, the features of a memory care residence are often specifically designed to benefit residents.

So, what kinds of amenities and features should you look for in your loved one’s memory care home? Here are just a few quality examples:

  • Private resident suites with full handicap-accessible bathrooms
  • On-site beauty and barbershop services
  • Spa services to encourage relaxation
  • Open family rooms and family-style kitchens
  • Circular floor plans to reduce wandering behaviors
  • Secure backyards and front porch areas for easy outdoor access

As you compare your memory care options, be sure to review each community’s amenities and features. They can make a substantial difference in your loved one’s living experience.

Flexible Care Options

As we said before, every case of dementia is different. Some individuals may need full-time personalized care, while others may just need occasional support. That’s why you should consider care homes that don’t solely specialize in residential care.

For instance, our caregivers at the Aspen Creek of Troy offer an adult daycare program and respite stays as well. So, if your loved one just needs care for an afternoon or a few days/weeks, we can happily meet those needs. Those kinds of flexible care options can come in handy, especially as your loved one’s memory care needs change over time.

Witness Our Approach To Dementia Care In Troy Firsthand

If you’re looking for a top dementia care residence for your loved one, you’ve come to the right place. The Creeks is the perfect home-like environment for seniors living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Every single part of our residences is designed to enhance the quality of life of our residents and help manage their symptoms. We know your loved one will feel well cared for in our warm and welcoming community.

Contact us today to schedule your tour of The Aspen Creek of Troy and see our approach to dementia care in Troy for yourself.