Monday, 29 June 2020 13:34

What Does Professional Care For Alzheimer’s Look Like?

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it can feel extremely overwhelming. Whether it’s your mother, your father, or your significant other, your loved one will need ongoing support for their condition. This disease is difficult to live with, but leveraging professional care for Alzheimer’s can make it more manageable for everyone.

Professional caregivers for Alzheimer’s will adhere to a series of care-giving principles in their daily work. These basic care elements can help improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, regardless of which stage of the disease they are in. Today we’ll break down this condition and touch on the core elements of effective Alzheimer’s care.

Living With Alzheimer’s Disease

Living with Alzheimer’s Disease is never easy. First discovered in 1906, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia among older adults. This irreversible and progressive brain disorder destroys memory, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive abilities slowly over time. The most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s include:

  • Memory loss
  • Mild cognitive impairments
  • Language problems
  • Impaired reasoning and judgment
  • Vision/spatial issues
  • Recurring feelings of confusion and frustration

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease typically begin to appear in a person’s mid-60s. While Alzheimer’s is difficult to live with, its symptoms can be managed with the right treatments and care techniques. With the following support pieces in place, your loved one will feel less frustrated and more in control of their Alzheimer’s disease.

Established Daily Routines

Comfort is a top priority for Alzheimer’s caregivers, and daily routines carry great influence over that comfort. To put this in context, think about your own daily rituals. Maybe you enjoy starting your day with yoga or perhaps you take a 10-minute walk at lunchtime. Those daily activities can help you feel more comfortable and in control of your life. The same can be said for those with Alzheimer’s.

Familiar activities, familiar faces, and even familiar schedules can benefit those with Alzheimer’s disease. Daily grooming sessions, for instance, can help Alzheimer’s patients feel more present and collected throughout the day. Those kinds of predictable routines can help minimize distractions and forgetfulness for your loved one.

Safe Environments

As we mentioned earlier, those with Alzheimer’s will often suffer from impaired judgment and spatial issues. These symptoms greatly increase your loved one’s risk of injury. That’s why a safe and secure environment is so important for effective Alzheimer’s care.

A safer environment will have precautions in place to prevent falls whenever possible. For instance, at The Creeks, we’ve installed handrails in our resident’s bathrooms to prevent slips. We also monitor our exits to make sure we always know the location of our residents. These kinds of security measures are critical in our approach to care for Alzheimer’s patients.

Friendly, Respectful, And Gentle Communication

One of the biggest difficulties with Alzheimer’s patients is the communication barrier. Those with Alzheimer’s can have a hard time understanding others and expressing their needs to their caregiver. To overcome this obstacle, our caregivers will:

  • Use simple words and short sentences with a gentle tone of voice.
  • Minimize noise and distractions when speaking with a resident.
  • Be patient during any of these conversations.
  • Address your loved one by their name and with the utmost respect.

With the right communication style, your loved one will feel less frustrated and more in control of their life. This kind of clear and friendly communication is what your loved one deserves.

View Our Professional Care For Alzheimer’s First-Hand

Your loved one doesn’t need to face their Alzheimer’s disease on their own. Our certified caregivers at The Creeks are happy to lend a helping hand to your loved one throughout their experience. In the safe space of our care homes, we will help safely manage your loved one’s Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Schedule your tour of The Creeks today to see how our licensed professionals care for Alzheimer’s patients.