Monday, 22 November 2021 15:35

Memory Care Facility Features and Amenities for Your Loved One

When your loved one starts to have dementia or Alzheimer's disease, you might go through a set of emotions ranging from anger to confusion, all the way to feeling completely helpless. We’re here to let you know that while these emotions are expected and understandable, your loved one can still experience great quality of life in a memory care residence. They’ll be well taken care of thanks to the impressive array of memory care facility features and amenities that are available to them.

Contemplating a Memory Care Facility’s Features and Amenities

If you're wondering what to do next for your loved one, there are experts to help them live fulfilling lives within memory care communities. There’s no need to panic and start stressing out about what to do. We're here to offer guidance for you on life in a memory care facility and what features and amenities they may offer.

What to consider when looking for a memory care facility

When you're looking for a long-term care solution for your family member, there may be a lot of thoughts racing through your mind. How will you take care of your loved one when you have your own life and/or family to manage? How will you be able to provide effective support during this trying time? What if something happens to your loved one when you're not available to help out?

The list goes on and on and can keep you up at night when it doesn’t have to. Fortunately, there are housing options available to seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes. But not all offer the specialized support required for your loved one.

At The Creeks, we have a series of memory support residences that could be perfect for your loved one. Our communities are located in both Illinois and Wyoming, and at each location, we offer a wide array of features and amenities for your loved one.

What type of amenities are offered?

At all our locations at The Creeks, we have a great mix of personal comfort and medical amenities to support your loved one through this transition. We have on-site RN's, LPN's and support staff partners that will work to give your loved one a personalized treatment routine and specialized care all year-round.

This routine for our memory care residents covers everything from health and wellness assessments to handling their medication and even providing additional medical care outside of the dementia care needs. On top of that, we host therapy sessions to help our residents with the changes that are going on and conditions that may decline as time goes on.

Our non-medical amenities are provided by our care partners who assist with all aspects of our residents' daily life. From ensuring there are daily laundry and housekeeping services, to helping residents with getting ready for the day. Our staff even cook delicious meals throughout the day for our residents. We try to keep our memory care amenities as personalized as possible to ensure efficiency and comfort.

What features are offered in memory care communities?

We offer many different types of features for memory care for residents with all forms of dementia. Our memory care residences include features and support for daily living such as:

  • Personal Care Services and Plans
  • Daily Housekeeping Services
  • In-Home Meals
  • Therapy Sessions
  • Daily Activities / Social Activities
  • Transportation Options
  • 24-hour Care
  • Specialized Nursing and Memory Care Staff
  • Memory Care Services and Cognitive Therapies
  • A Safe, Secure, and Structured Environment

How will I pay for the cost of memory care?

We do our best to keep things transparent when it comes to your memory care costs. We have avoided the traditional approach of other communities that use tiered pricing models that come with a different set of amenities as the price goes up. Instead, we have decided to go with an all-inclusive pricing model so that you don't have to make a critical decision for your loved one based on price. Our pricing covers all the amenities mentioned above and much more!

There may be local resources in your area that may offer financial assistance for memory care service. Or you can contact your long-term care insurance provider to see what options are available to assist with payment.

You're already doing so much and being brave for your loved one by going down this route. Our locations offer a safe and secure place for your loved ones to live, with our staff available 24/7 when the need arises. Don't worry; we'll keep them busy, engaged, and happy with a plethora of daily activities.

Explore our Memory Care Facility Features and Amenities In-Person

If you're interested in finding a quality, caring home for your loved one in one of our memory care residences, contact us for a tour today. We will answer any questions you may have about our location, amenities, and pricing. We look forward to providing the top levels of care and a loving home for your family member with dementia.