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Does a Loved One Have Dementia? Get Long-Term Care in Decatur, IL

Dementia can be a very difficult condition to live with, especially if you’re the caregiver for your loved one. If your loved one has dementia, long-term care near Decatur, IL could be the right treatment option for them.

Before you sign your loved one up for a long-term care facility, it is important to review your options and ask yourself relevant questions to make sure your loved one is in the right facility for them. There’s a lot to consider to find the right fit for your family, so let’s dive in.

What to Know about Dementia and Long-Term Care near Decatur, IL

"Where Do I Even Start?"

The process of selecting a dementia/long-term care facility in Decatur, IL for parents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias is overwhelming. There are many variables to consider, including quality of life, socialization, food choices, medical treatment, and even the weather.

But there’s no denying that choosing the best possible place for a loved one is difficult enough without having to worry about how much it costs or what the monthly payment will be. You will most likely end up with several options but our guide to finding long-term care for dementia should assist in your decision. It’s best to start by understanding the differences between types of long-term care (LTC).

Types of Long-Term Care

Assisted living facilities, for instance, provide support services for seniors such as meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, and personal assistance while providing independent living arrangements.

Board and care homes offer similar services, but often include a greater emphasis on independent living. In fact, many board and care homes are simply adapted homes in residential neighborhoods that are equipped and staffed to care for a small number of seniors.

Nursing homes are another type of LTC that offer 24/7 care and specialized services from nurses and doctors. These facilities usually require patients to be completely dependent upon others for daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and eating.

Many of these communities may offer specialized units for those with memory-based conditions. However, those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease will likely benefit more from specialized memory care communities.

Alzheimer's and Other Dementias: Long-Term Care Options

Eventually, most people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia need outside care. While some seniors are able to live independently for many years, others require help around the clock in an LTC setting.

At memory care communities, caregivers often provide support for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. These individuals will manage a wide array of services for residents including cooking meals, cleaning up spills, preparing medications, bathing and dressing patients, and doing laundry. In addition, those caregivers will provide services and therapies to support their residents with memory-related issues.

Learn More About Options to Treat Dementia in Long Term Care near Decatur, IL

We manage 3 different memory care communities that are specifically geared towards long-term care for our residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Our staff is specially trained in these service areas and we will work hard to accommodate your loved one’s needs.

Learn about the spectrum of long-term care services offered at our facilities. Contact us today to get the answers to your questions and gain assurance that your loved one is in good care.