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7 Questions To Help You Find A Cheyenne Memory Care Residence

When a loved one starts to show symptoms of dementia, you might feel well prepared to handle their care responsibilities. Over time, those responsibilities will grow and you might begin to feel overwhelmed by your loved one’s care needs. When that happens, you’ll likely start searching for the right Cheyenne memory care residence for your loved one. Unfortunately, finding the right place to accommodate your loved one’s needs can be a bit challenging.

There are plenty of care homes for dementia across the market today and they all differ in numerous ways. So, how can you ensure that you’re finding the right memory care communities for your loved one? We’re here to make your search a little bit easier.

Guiding Questions For Your Search For A Cheyenne Memory Care Residence

We asked our experienced memory care professionals to develop a list of insightful questions to help you find the right community for your loved one. Just stick with these handy questions and you’ll pinpoint the best memory care option for your loved one in no time.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Before you go looking for a memory care community, it helps to first evaluate the needs of your loved one. Start out by reflecting on your loved one and their memory care requirements.

Does Your Loved One Need Help With Activities Of Daily Living?

Throughout a given day, we all perform activities of daily living (ADLs) without assistance. These are typically basic tasks of daily life, which fall into six different categories:

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Getting dressed
  • Toileting
  • Mobility
  • Continence

Older individuals with dementia tend to have a very difficult time performing these ADLs on their own. You should reflect on the level of daily care that your loved one needs for their ADLs. While many memory care homes offer support for ADLs, those with more diligent daily care needs may have more limited options.

Does Your Loved One Need 24/7 Supervision?

As we said earlier, every memory care provider is a bit different. Some memory care communities will have caregivers on-site every hour of the day, while other residences may operate with a skeleton crew overnight.

24/7 care can come in handy for your loved one if they need caregivers on a moment’s call or they need to be monitored very closely. However, it might not be critical for your loved one’s memory care needs. Make sure you carefully weigh the value of 24/7 care when comparing your options.

Does Your Loved One Need Ongoing Medical Attention For Specific Conditions?

Medication administration is one thing, but individualized care for medical conditions is another thing entirely. Does your loved one need additional support for diabetes or catheter care? What about dialysis or colostomy care? If so, then you should know that not all memory care options can handle those needs in-house.

At some residences, your loved one may need to be transported to get the medical care they need. If your loved one has a specific medical condition, then you’ll want to look for communities that can meet those needs.

Questions To Ask The Memory Care Residence

With a clearer picture of your loved one’s needs, you can now start asking critical questions of the memory care facilities.

What Is The Staff Like?

It’s important to get a firm idea of the nurses and memory care professionals that staff each facility. After all, those staff members will be the go-to resources for your loved one at all times in the community. So, you should examine your options closely by ask probing questions about the staff, like:

  • What certifications and training do the staff members have?
  • Does the facility maintain a consistent staff-to-resident ratio 24/7?
  • How are the caregivers trained? And do they receive ongoing training in their roles?
  • Is the facility able to care for residents for the rest of their lives?

We should note that some of these questions can only be answered during an in-person tour or over the phone. So be prepared to make some calls or some small day trips to various facilities.

Can Residents Take Advantage Of Memory Care Therapies?

Research has shown that those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can benefit greatly from a number of innovative therapies. These helpful interventions can help reduce agitation, promote relaxation, and improve resident behaviors. Some of those therapies include:

  • Pet therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • And much more

It’s important to evaluate which kinds of therapies will be available to your loved one, as they can have a substantial impact on the mental well-being of the residents.

What Kinds Of Amenities Are Available?

This is arguably the area where you’ll find the biggest differences between memory care homes. You can expect to find unique features and diverse amenities across multiple memory care homes. For that reason, it’s important to decide what your loved one will benefit from the most. Make sure you review important amenities like:

  • Living arrangements - How big are the private suites? How are they laid out?
  • Dining services - What kinds of meals are prepared for residents? How is the food served?
  • Activity programs - Do caregivers host daily games and activities with residents? Are there regularly scheduled community outings?

Are The Costs Transparent?

Lastly, you have to consider your needs as well! Cost can often be a big determining factor when selecting a memory care provider for your loved one. Ideally, you should look for a community where the monthly cost is all-inclusive.

And if there are any additional charges for specific amenities or benefits, those costs should be clear from the get-go. It also wouldn’t hurt to double-check if the facility accepts Medicare or Medicaid insurance.

Visit Our Cheyenne Memory Care Residence

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