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What The Best Memory Care Facilities In Troy Have In Common

Does your loved one suffer from Alzheimer's disease or dementia? If so, a memory care community could be the perfect living situation for them. And like so many others, you only want the best for your loved one. So, how can you find the best memory care facilities in Troy, IL?

You just need to know what to look for.

How To Compare The Best Memory Care Facilities In Troy

The leading senior living communities designed specifically for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia will share a few common characteristics. As you begin to compare options for your loved one's future living situation, make sure the communities you're considering have these features, traits, and care practices in place.

Consistent Personalized Care

You want the best for your loved one. When it comes to memory care, the quality and consistency of the care services are incredibly important. Why? Because when your loved one routinely receives a level of care that is highly personalized, caregivers will have a better likelihood of noticing and addressed subtle changes as your loved one's disease progresses.

For that reason, you should ask each community if they have designated caregivers for each resident. This approach will allow the caregivers to get to know your loved one and provide consistent hyper-personalized care.

Innovative Design Elements

Memory care communities are specifically designed for seniors with cognitive impairments. But what kinds of design elements should you look for in a memory support residence?

The best memory care communities will emphasize:

  • Circular Community Layouts - This simplified navigation helps residents find their private rooms quickly and easily.
  • Contrasting Color Schemes - Dementia and Alzheimer's disease can cause vision changes (Daily Caring). To accommodate for those changes, memory care communities should use contrasting (yet pleasing) colors on the walls and floors to aid resident navigation.
  • Natural Lighting - Forms of dementia can disturb circadian rhythms, which can then lead to aggressive behavior (Science Daily). Top memory care environments will stress natural lighting throughout the day to normalize the circadian rhythms of residents.
  • Secure Outdoor Spaces - Individuals with cognitive impairments can greatly benefit from spending time outside. Secure backyards and open porches may help improve resident attention, verbal and nonverbal expression, and sleeping patterns.

There are, of course, many other design elements that you may want for your loved one's future. As you compare various communities, consider making a list of the design features you find at each location.

Top-Notch Security

Your loved one deserves to feel safe and secure at their new home. And you deserve to have peace of mind about your loved one's well-being. That's why leading memory care facilities will rely on numerous security features.

For instance, at The Creeks, we utilize a wireless call system to always keep a watchful eye on our residents. Each resident has a wearable device that alerts staff when help is needed. That device also monitors their health vitals and helps us locate residents in real-time.

In addition, all of our exits are monitored and equipped with special locking devices to help keep residents safe. With all these security measures, our caregivers are always aware of residents' health, safety, and security.

Engaging Resident Programming

Current research has shown that structured activities may slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease and even improve cognitive functioning (Verywell Health). For that reason (and many others), the best memory care communities will keep residents engaged with a wide range of on-site activities and community outings.

For example, our caregivers at The Creeks coordinate daily group activities with our residents to keep them active and engaged. These may be simple board games, cognitive therapies, or art classes. We'll even plan out monthly resident excursions to nearby attractions around Troy or in St. Louis.

Visit One Of The Best Memory Care Facilities In Troy

The Aspen Creek of Troy is not an institution; it is a home. We have worked hard to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

At our memory care community, we always maintain a 1:5 staff to resident ratio and every resident has their own private suite with full handicap-accessible bathrooms. And with our wide range of amenities, we know that your loved one will feel right at home at The Creeks.

Contact The Creeks today to schedule your tour of one of the best memory care facilities in Troy.