Wednesday, 14 October 2020 11:09

5 Benefits Of Residential Alzheimer’s Care In Troy, IL

It’s estimated that 1 in every 10 Americans over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s disease, according to While the disease progresses differently for each individual, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your care responsibilities for your loved one. Sooner or later, you might begin to consider other memory care options for your loved one. Residential Alzheimer’s care in Troy, IL can be a top option for your loved one’s needs as it offers numerous benefits for you and your loved one.

But what exactly do you stand to gain from these memory care communities? Today we’ll take a deep dive into the top benefits offered by high-quality Alzheimer’s care residences.

Personalized Care

Every case of Alzheimer’s disease is different. Your loved one’s memory care needs are unique to them and no one else. So, it’s only natural that they receive the individualized care and attention that they deserve. And that’s exactly what they get with the right residential memory care provider.

At the Aspen Creek of Troy, for instance, all of our residents have personalized treatment plans for their needs. Our certified memory care professionals can provide the appropriate level of one-on-one memory care services for your loved one. From medication administration to assistance with daily living activities, we’ll work to meet your loved one’s unique needs.

Ensure Your Loved One’s Safety

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, individuals with the disease can experience a wide range of symptoms. As the National Institute of Aging notes, wandering can be one of the most common symptoms of the disease. Fortunately, top-tier memory care residences are prepared for those kinds of behaviors.

Alzheimer’s care residences are specifically designed to prioritize the safety of their patients. The Creeks, for instance, was designed with a circular layout to reduce wandering and resident confusion. We additionally have monitored exits with special locking devices, so we always know the locations of our residents. And if residents need anything, we have a wireless call system in place and certified nurses on staff 24/7.

To top it off, our memory care residence takes additional measures to eliminate any potential risks posed to our residents. Our professional chefs prepare every meal for our residents and we’ll handle the transportation to and from medical appointments. We’ve additionally outfitted the bathrooms of our private suites with safety features like handrails and handicap-accessible features. These measures will undoubtedly help keep your loved one safe and secure.

Social Engagement

Isolation and loneliness are major concerns for older adults experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia. When someone with Alzheimer’s feels alone, their isolation can actually worsen their disease and lead to other serious conditions, like depression. Thankfully, their isolated feelings can be alleviated thanks to residential Alzheimer’s care in Troy, IL.

Memory care facilities will often engage their residents in social activities and communal games. For instance, our caregivers at the Aspen Creek of Troy coordinate daily games and pastimes among our residents. We also routinely take our patients on field trips to nearby attractions and local hotspots for engaging activities.

Balancing Independence With Quality Care

Your loved one doesn’t solely need support for their battle with Alzheimer’s disease. They need to still feel independent and free enough to do the things they want to do. The right providers of Alzheimer’s community care will be able to provide that kind of freedom. For instance, at the Aspen Creek of Troy, residents are free to go about their days how they see fit. Residents can:

  • Take advantage of our beauty/barbershop services
  • Spend their time relaxing outside on our front porch or in our secure backyard area
  • Enjoy the afternoon shopping at a nearby retail location, with staff supervision
  • Create baked goods with our professional chefs, just how they’ve always loved to make them
  • Watch their favorite movie in the open family room for a relaxing afternoon in

As our residents enjoy the day at their own pace, our caregivers are close by to offer support at a moment’s notice.

Family’s Never Too Far Away

Your loved one will feel right at home in a memory care community, but nothing can replace your family. Fortunately, at the Aspen Creek of Troy, your family will never be too far away from your loved one’s side. In fact, family members can come and visit our community whenever they’d like to see their loved one!

We even have a guest room on-site, for any overnight visits. And we’re always happy to host family members for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our Troy location is just a 25-minute drive from St. Louis, MI, and just about an hour’s drive from Springfield, IL. It’s an easy place to come visit and our doors are always open for family.

Witness These Benefits Of Alzheimer’s Care In Troy, IL Firsthand

If you’re looking for a small, charming, and quiet memory care community, look no further than the Aspen Creek of Troy. At our residence, your loved one will enjoy their own private suite alongside a long list of terrific amenities. With memory care specialists on staff 24/7, we’ll provide the exceptional Alzheimer’s care support that your loved one needs.

Contact us today to schedule your tour of our memory care community and see our approach to Alzheimer’s care in Troy in-person.